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Using the library

Searching for images

By category only

To search just one category select a category from the drop-down list and click 'Search'.

By category and a subcategory

Select a category as above, then a subcategory from the drop-down list and click 'Search'.

Keyword search

The 'Keyword Search' can be used independently or in addition to the category and subcategory fields.

Type in the keyword(s) relevant to your search and click 'Search'.

You can use more than one keyword by separating each keyword with 'and' (see example below) and click 'Search'.

Example: if searching for passengers with baggage input: passengers and baggage and click 'Search'.

Category, subcategory and keyword search combined

Choose your category and subcategory, if applicable, and then enter your keyword(s) to refine the search and click 'Search'.

Image reference

If you know the image reference number, enter it into the Keywords/Image Ref box and click search.

Searching with more options

By selecting more options you are able to filter your search results.
You may select either exteriors or interiors only. You may select image orientation. You may select to return only images with signed model release forms.

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Using your lightboxes

The purpose of the lightbox facility is to temporarily store collections of images that you are interested in.


You need to register before you can use this facility. To register, click 'Register' at the top of the page, complete the 'Registration form' and click 'Register'. You are then logged in.

First lightbox

Your first lightbox will be automatically created for you.


Click on 'My lightboxes', enter your login details, click 'Log in'.

If you have forgotten your login details, click 'Forgotten your password?' Enter the email address you used when you registered and click 'Reset'. A new password will be emailed to you.

Adding a lightbox

Select 'My lightboxes'. Enter a name into the add new lightbox and click 'Add'. The name can be up to 100 characters long. Your new lightbox will become the active lightbox.

Selecting your current lightbox

Use the Lightbox selector drop down menu to select your current lightbox. This will be the lightbox which images are added to when clicking on 'Add to lightbox'.

Adding images to your current lightbox

When viewing thumbnail or preview images, click 'Add to lightbox'. When you click 'Add to Lightbox', the image will be added to your current lightbox.

Viewing your current lightbox

Select 'My lightboxes'. Select the lightbox you wish to view by using the drop down menu under current lightbox; click the 'View' button.

Renaming a lightbox

Select 'My lightboxes'. Select the lightbox you wish to re-name by using the drop down menu under current lightbox. Enter the new name of the lightbox selected into the rename box. Click the 'Rename' Button

Copying a lightbox to another user

Select 'My lightboxes'. Select the lightbox you wish to send to another user by using the drop-down menu under current lightbox. Enter the email address of another user in the 'copy lightbox to user' box. Click “Copy”. This facility will only work if the recipient user is also registered to use the lightbox facility. Your lightbox will now appear within the other user's lightboxes.

Add all images to your enquiry basket

Select 'My lightboxes'. Select the lightbox you wish to add to your enquiry basket by using the drop down menu under current lightbox; click the 'Add' button.

Downloading preview images from a lightbox

Select 'My lightboxes'. Select the lightbox you wish to download by using the drop down menu under current lightbox. Click 'Download'. You will be prompted to save a zip file of the low-res preview images to your computer.

Deleting a lightbox

Select 'My lightboxes'. Select the lightbox you wish to delete by using the drop down menu under current lightbox; click the 'Delete' button.

Removing images from a lightbox

When viewing thumbnail images within a lightbox, click 'Remove from lightbox'.

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Ordering images/adding images to your enquiry basket

1. In the image preview page, click 'Add to image enquiry' to add your chosen image to the 'Enquiry basket'.

2. Edit your final selection by clicking 'Remove from basket' where necessary and then click 'Proceed'.

3. Complete the quote request form and click 'Submit'.

(You will need to agree to our terms and conditions before submitting your enquiry.)

If you would prefer to speak to a member of the library team about your order, please contact us.

Orders for same day, electronic delivery, should be submitted before 4:30pm. This is dependent on the number of the images requested.

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Price guide

Our prices depend on the usage, printed size, print run and other variables and not on the particular image used.

To obtain a quote please choose your image(s) by adding them to the basket and proceed to the online quote request form.

Once we have received your enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss usage and agree a suitable fee.

Please note, you are not obligated to buy images for which you have a submitted an image enquiry.

If you require a quote before selecting an image you can either add a sample image to the 'Enquiry basket', click submit and complete the online quote request form. We will then contact you to discuss usage and price or contact us directly.

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Model release information

If an image is model-released, a Model Release Form is held by Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited for each of the recognisable people within that image.

The form is signed by the employee, member of public or model who:

  • grants Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited the right to use and license the use of the photograph(s) and
  • agrees that they do not own the copyright and all other rights in the photographs and images contained in them remain with Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited.

Model-released images can generally be used for any purpose although they may not be used in any controversial, sensitive or defamatory way. If in doubt, please contact us.

No model release

If an image has recognisable people within it but does not have a model release then it should only be used for editorial purposes. However, there are circumstances where permission may be granted, please check with us.

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Image usage restrictions

Editorial use only

Editorial use is defined as relating to events that cover news reporting or subject matter deemed of public interest.

The common thread linking these media is that the images are used to support or illustrate an opinion, fact or fictional context only. There is no commercial aspect involved in the use. Editorial use includes books, part-works, magazines, newspapers and editorial television (within programmes).

If you would like to use an image specified as editorial use only in a non-editorial context then you must contact us to discuss.

Generally speaking a model release is not required for recognisable people within a photograph when used in an editorial manner, but the image must be used in a responsible way. If it is to be used in a controversial, sensitive or defamatory context then you must contact us to discuss.

Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited make no representations or warranties regarding names, trademarks or logos appearing in the images.

Editorial use only images often contain non-Heathrow branding, such as airlines, care must be taken when using this type of imagery. It must not be used in a defamatory or controversial context. Please contact us if doubt.

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Frequently asked questions

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